Cardassian Mind Bender   Leave a comment

This drink we came up after the Chain of Command Episode from Star Trek: The Next Generation. We realized that the drink needed be brutally appealing and this is what several hours (or minutes – it was hard to remember) of intense research gave us. The original name for the drink is the Cardassian Mind Bender – but we also call it “THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!!”

Click here for the video of Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) in the brutal interrogation scene.


1oz of Whiskey
1oz Peach Schnapps
Drizzle of Bailey’s Irish Cream or Adult Chocolate Milk

Pour both the Whiskey & Schnapps and stir.

Slowly drizzle down the Bailey’s/ACM off the back of a spoon to create Cardassian skin sample.


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