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Things that have never been done before is what the Science of Drinking is all about. Locked in our secret laboratory in Tempe – Doc Walling and I have been committing feats of high technology and extreme liver danger as we watched one of the greatest films of 2013 – PACIFIC RIM! So in honor of this great film – we have decided to release one of a few creations to you – our adoring fans.

Enter the “Coyote Tango”

Courtesy of the Pacific Rim Website – Coyote Tango, piloted by Stacker Pentecost and Tamsin Sevier, is deployed in Tokyo, Japan alongside the military to fight the Kaiju Onibaba. During the fight, Tamsin blacks out, leaving Pentecost to pilot Coyote on his own, an act that had never been done before….

  • 5oz of Sprite
  • Quarter TEASPOON of Blood Orange Bitters
  • Half ouce of Mama Walker Maple Bacon Liqueur
  • One and a quarter ounce of Dewer’s White label Blended Scotch Whiskey

Pour all ingredients into a shaker, give a hearty double shake with ice and serve it over ice in a tumbler glass & enjoy a nuclear reactor of ass kicking potential in the mouth!WP_20131016_001


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