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After viewing the 50th Anniversary epsiode as well as Matt Smith’s swan song  – we decided we needed to come up with another punch. Due to the way we felt after drinking this concoction, it was a no brainier on what to call this. So with that “Regeneration: The Morning After” was born.

Want to know why the 5th Doctor needed the zero room? Try this baby out ASAP.

“Zero Rooms were used by the Time Lords in times of difficult regeneration or to rapidly heal.”
From the TARDIS Data Core

– Half gallon of 
– 12 oz of Malibu Island Spice
– 8oz of Fireball
– 12 oz Ocean Spray White Cran, Peach juice
– 20 oz of Club Soda

1 Orange – sliced into quarter inch width slices
1 Lemon – sliced into quarter inch  width slices
2 Red Pear – sliced into small chunks (or cubes if you are a pro)
2 Key Limes – sliced as many times as you can (though go slowly as they are small)

Operating Instructions
Put the sliced fruit in the container first. We found a layering effect looks interesting if you have a glass container or if you are OCD. Either way – make sure you get the fruit in first. It may sound like common sense – but sometimes you forget things.

Add each alcohol/mixer in one by one – though we recommend stirring them in one by one. This way the fruit get equally saturated with each new addition.

Cover the container and let it sit in the fridge at least over night. If the container does not have a lid – sarran wrap is always good as you want to keep everything sealed.

If you are bored – giving it a stir every so often is always good. By letting it sit the fruit begins to blend into various alcohols to give a new and interesting taste.

When serving – its always complimentary to add in a piece of fruit or two with the drink as it will have a kick of its own. The longer you let it sit in the fridge – the more “interesting” the fruit tastes.


Posted January 18, 2014 by The Science of Drinking in Doctor Who

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