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ratings systemHere is our movie ratings system. It is based off of the typrical 5 Star System – but obviously adjusted for our somewhat eclectic needs. Our judgments are based solely off of how entertained we were with the movie.We in no way consider its artistic value, cinematography or acting capability. If we laughed and left the theater feeling good – well that is good enough for us. To give you an idea – we have paired films with our ratings so you can get a general idea of the madness…


* Light Beer 
Red Sonja (Per Doc Walling “This was the worst movie I ever saw”)

** Rot Gut
   Hercules in New York (No amount of alcohol could make it any funnier or sad)

*** Hooch
  Manborg, Repo – the Genetic Opera (Its catchy and has replay value)

**** Top Shelf
   Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Night Watch (Its got replay value and you want to spread it to the circles)

***** Chemical X
Machete 2, Troll 2 (They had us reeling on how awesome or horrible they were)


Posted April 11, 2014 by The Science of Drinking in The Log

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