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Constructed in the province of Changzhou, China, Crimson Typhoon is launched on August 22, 2018.Piloted by the Wei triplets, Cheung, Jin and Hu, Crimson is accredited with seven Kaiju kills and the successful defense of the Port of Hong Kong seven times.

Unique among the Jaegers, Crimson Typhoon is piloted by three Rangers as opposed to the traditional two. The Conn-Pod, designed by Dr. Caitlin Lightcap, functions and accommodates a triple Neural Handshake and three-pilot control. Two pilots to control the Jaeger’s basic movements in the front, and a third pilot to act as gunner behind his co-pilots.



6 oz Big K red cream soda

1 oz Kahlua

1/2 oz Soho Lychee

1 oz Travis Hasse’s Cherry Pie Liqueur



Posted June 4, 2014 by The Science of Drinking in Pacific Rim

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