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According to the last log…it has been 8 months since we last posted. Well I know we’ve done a couple of videos and posted them on our YouTube channel. Actually we had a few since September. Initially we thought we weren’t going to be doing anything for Phoenix Comicon. Turns out – they like our humor (or at least that is what we tell ourselves. Thus far – we have been in discussions and came up with something to entertain the masses…

The Science of Drinking Presents – EXTREME SCIENCE FICTION TRIVIA!?

Yeah, I know – pretty odd with that question mark at the end. Either way folks – we are doing a team style trivia quiz for Phoenix Comicon. We will be running our show on Friday Night at 7:30 as per the Phoenix Comicon Programming Website. If you are interested in participating in this madness – you need a team of 5 total people and all have to be 18+ years old. If they are not – they will not be let into the room for this panel. We offer great nerd glory and prizes.

Of course – we may slip in a new top secret signature drink or three in the mix so it pays to to join us for some epic level madness.If you are interested – CLICK HERE to sign up your team today.

Hope to see you all there,

-Tony Fuentes


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