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Brad Walling
The stories surrounding “Doc Walling” are varied as they are numerous. What has been nailed down is that his first appearance in the modern age was in 1967. He was reportedly on hand for the premier of the Doors self-titled album release. Some say that he is actually a time traveler who inspired some of the greatest scientist and minds of the world while making drinks & shots. More outlandish tales tell that he is really is the Traveler from the 1st season of Star Trek: The Next Generation (though much better looking). While he is here – he asks nothing of the people that he aids with his elaborate alcoholic libations (except the location of the bathroom). He is here to promote the ideal of peace, relaxation and enjoyment among the clinking sounds of friendship and camaraderie.  As he has been known to say – “Our livers suffer so your’s don’t have to!”




meTony Fuentes
Where Sherlock had Watson, Kirk had Spock, and Scooby had Shaggy – Tony Fuentes has been there to chronicle and track the exploits of Doc Walling. Rumored to be a published writer – he records & conducts his own experiments into High Mixology alongside Doc Walling. Little is known how the two came into each other’s company, but there was story of a time in Paris with the barrel of gunpowder, an apple, and a prostitute – though that one has been denied vehemently by both scientists. An accepted rumor/fact was that Paul Simon was inspired to make a music video with Chevy Chase after running into Walling & Fuentes at a bar in Chicago in 1985. Traveling with Doc Walling across the world – they continue to sample the distilled magic of the modern age. He is situated in Gilbert, AZ.






Johnny LaBrat
It was Shakespeare who wrote, “… some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em…” Well in Johnny’s case, he was thrust into the job of being the camera guy by understanding the basic functions of pushing a button, being tall and holding it steady. Recently inducted into SoD – he has made his bones by some positive and possibly forgettable contributions. Nevertheless – he was welcomed with opened arms and an able liver to help us in our quest to find the greatest drinks…god help him.



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Posted February 1, 2013 by The Science of Drinking

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