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Living Through Bowie   Leave a comment

Now that I have had several hours to sober up and deal with indigestion – I figure I present a more literal interpretation of “David Bowie Is”. Needless to say, Doc and I enjoyed the documentary. The documentary itself was about the exhibit that is currently traveling the world. It is an immersive dive into his life with pictures from his life, writings and costumes throughout his career. A more drunken version of our “after show” review is on our Facebook page (prior to the regret of the aforementioned pizza consuming). All in all,  I think you can say that David Bowie is best seen as a diamond. There are so many facets to him that no two beams of light are ever the same. To say that he was a dreamer is an understatement. He is a visionary who still tries to find a new way to create himself. Bowie creates Bowie and in turn creates more Bowie. His visualization of the world and himself is too amazing and varied to put into one category. David Bowie is

-Tony Fuentes


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Smooth Music for Smooth Science   Leave a comment


Click for the Playlist!

So as both Doc Walling and Johnny have heard (repeatedly and with great vigor) – I am a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Like a 1980s fan of the comic when I was a kid. So I am giddy with excitement as the movie will be out in just over three weeks from today. If you haven’t heard – the director has released the “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” with the 12 songs full of awesome from the 1970s. I went ahead and hunted for the songs on YouTube for your musical pleasure. Hope you enjoy!

-Tony Fuentes

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ratings systemHere is our movie ratings system. It is based off of the typrical 5 Star System – but obviously adjusted for our somewhat eclectic needs. Our judgments are based solely off of how entertained we were with the movie.We in no way consider its artistic value, cinematography or acting capability. If we laughed and left the theater feeling good – well that is good enough for us. To give you an idea – we have paired films with our ratings so you can get a general idea of the madness…


* Light Beer 
Red Sonja (Per Doc Walling “This was the worst movie I ever saw”)

** Rot Gut
   Hercules in New York (No amount of alcohol could make it any funnier or sad)

*** Hooch
  Manborg, Repo – the Genetic Opera (Its catchy and has replay value)

**** Top Shelf
   Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Night Watch (Its got replay value and you want to spread it to the circles)

***** Chemical X
Machete 2, Troll 2 (They had us reeling on how awesome or horrible they were)

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What Have We Been Doing?   Leave a comment

Really? Its been months? Where the heck have we been? Well several things have happened. Now where shall we start. Our lab’s Cray Supercomputer decided it wanted to move on to the great server in the sky. In the process – we lost several drinks…
…more like 80% of them. Yeah – we have almost 40 different concoctions online for Phoenix Comicon this year. So needless to say it has been a few month of Doc Walling going through all our written notes that were made while “testing” and deciphering the hand writting. There were instances where we could not identify the ingredients or who wrote it. Needless to say we have been busy on that front.

dude-vinciA few months ago – Doc Walling got himself TWICE ordained! Yes – he is a fully functioning alcoholic…sorry I meant priest. He was ordained in the Universal Life Church – but also, he was ordained as a Dudeist Priest. For more about Dudeism click here or email us directly and Doc Walling will be more than happy to lend his spiritual guidance.

We also to a viewing of Knights of Badassdom. We realized that Science cannot participate on drinks alone. Science needs entertainment – like blowing up fireworks while intoxicated in a backyard full of flammable objects at 1AM (not that we ever did that…sort of), but I digress. We went to the Phoenix FilmBar and caught a showing of this epic moving. Click here for our 6 drinks in review of the movie. We are going to provide a monthly movie review as well as kick some dirt up for the Phoenix FilmBar. If you have not been there – you need to. They carry an amazing lineup of craft beers and show some excellent films. For instance – this weekend is the Fifth Element and its Super Green!

So yeah – there has been a lot going on for us. If you haven’t already – hit our panel up at Phoenix Comicon. We love to meet you in person or listen to your ideas of new and interesting drinks. Until then…Salud!

-Tony Fuentes

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Stranger Things   Leave a comment

Stranger Things

A moment with Doc Walling in Mos Eisley…stranger things in this world.

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So it begings…   Leave a comment

So without further ado – time to post up those PCC formulas! Many of the drinks will not have pictures as the photo files became corrupted in a horrible Everclear Camera accident.


4 Days & Counting   Leave a comment

Well – we are 4 Days out from out 2nd bout with Phoenix Comic Con. Last night, Dr Walling and I put our heads and livers together to knock out the next edition of drinks into a legible and non-drunk scrawl format. Some of the drinks we threw together were pretty awesome and some were for the sake of humor…

-Tony Fuentes

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