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The bulk of our work has been inspired by Science Fiction. We tried to group these drinks by film and more or less clustered them.

The Science of Drinking Specialties
Chemical X
Fusion Bombs

Doctor Who
Shadow Proclamation
Sonic Screwdriver
Potion of Life
Regeneration: The Morning After

Babylon 5
Assassin’s Black Rose
Moon Faced Assassin of Joy
Ivanova, the Right Hand of Vengeance
Sheridan at Z’ha’dum

Star Trek
Klingon Bloodwine
Romulan Ale
Vulcan Mind Meld
Finagle’s Folly
Cardassian Mind Bender
Phasers on Stun Punch
The Borg Sphere
A Warrior’s Drink
The Kobayashi Maru Challenge
Klingon D-7

Pacific Rim
Cherno Alpha
Kaiju Blue
Gipsy Danger
Pacific Rim Sneak Peak
Crimson Typhoon

Star Wars
Blue Milk
The Sand Crawler
The Sarlacc Pit
Leia’s Bikini

Various Sci-Fi
Infinity Gauntlet
Wake Up Juice!
Save the Clock
Ford’s Towel
The Toxie
The Runner
Oscillation Overthruster
The Hong Kong Cavalier
The Muffitt
Mudder’s Milk
Pan Galactic Gargleblaster
The Slimer
Orion’s Belt


Posted July 4, 2014 by The Science of Drinking

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